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Denisa Adolfová

I graduated from a school of fashion design in Paris ESMOD International.
While a student, I worked with the fashion house Saga Furs, for whom
I designed a collection of furs and handbags which I successfully presented at a fashion show in Beijing.
The unexpected shape of circle handbags which I designed had an overwhelming successful. This circle shape is one of the features of my design work until today.

Later in Brussels I took a three years course in leather handbags at the Institute of Arts et Métiers. During these studies I did an short internship in the oldest luxury leather house in the world - Delvaux.

I entered into the real world of luxury and handmade craft manufacturing: my mentor Jean-Louis, the best craftsman I have ever met, taught me there precious exotic leather techniques.

After I left this renowned house, I decided to realize my dream.
Build my own brand.
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