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This handbag is designed to fulfil the wish of various clients for a big black handbag. The prototype had however appeared to be too big, too black and also too heavy.
It had to be made lighter, both physically and visually, and enlightened with diverse cuts inspired by butterfly wings. The Big Black Basket was born. The Big Black Basket has met with great success - not only for its smart look but also for its clever practical features. It is an ideal stylish tote bag for a picnic or the beach, but it can serve also as a large shopping bag.
At this moment we are proposing three sizes: oversize, medium and mini basket. Each basket is accompanied with an inside bag and a small wallet attached to the handle of the handbag.

The top surface leather is made of calf skin coming from Belgian and French tanneries.
The « velours lining » is changing according to actual trends. The timeless colours are black, chocolate brown and blue eclectic colour.


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